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The 1991 smash hit by Naughty By Nature, “OPP”, should be added to the holy song book…in honor of SMM, Hyo Jin, Hyun Jin, In Jin, Kook Jin and Sun Jin, that is.



+This is our last post.
+The hornets are buzzing.
+Everyone now knows what rotten people the Moons really are.
+And we are not nerds with nothing better to do than blog (tee hee…wee…)
+So one last post – u ready? Got yer helmet on? Goooooooood. 

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In Jin’s Latest Pile of Rat Feces.

“Dear brothers and sisters”
+Palleeeeeesssse! By now it has to be completely obvious to everyone that she views members as worthless servants, not siblings.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take all of your love and prayers to our True Father as he ascended to be with our Heavenly Parents”
+What?! She doesn’t believe any of the DP. If she did, her most recent baby would be Korean and have fish eyes.
“True Father must have been deeply comforted by all of you in different districts holding daily prayer vigils. Even though he is no longer with us physically, we are truly lucky to have seen and worked with our True Father during the years that he dedicated himself to the American Providence with True Mother by his side.”
+Please read -  I am still his daughter!! I am still his daughter!! I am holy and wonderful by association! I am still his daughter!! Don’t forget that, you worthless maggots! I’m not one of you, I’m his daughter, god damn it!

 “I, for one, feel especially grateful to have served with the Headquarter’s team for the last four years as the Senior pastor of LLM and as the CEO of the American Movement.”
+Interestingly, the “American Movement” never had a “CEO” until bitch-nim showed up. Serve?  

“Coming to work at HSA under tenuous circumstances I have often wondered why God called me to serve and how much time we would be given to do the job at hand.”
+Please read – this was not my fault. I was just doing what god-nim asked. It wasn’t my fault that I was reading prayer services while living the life of bonobo monkey. It wasn’t my fault that I fired all the first generation I could, leaving them with no pensions, nothing…it was what god called me to do. 

“I never imagined that my team and I would have a couple of years to implement our vision for rebranding Unification Church USA. But with your help we saw the establishment of a united ministry Lovin’ Life, GPA, Ballroom dance ministry, new educational curriculum, to name a few. We saw young Unificationists proud of who they are as children of God and True Parents and welcomed many new brothers and sisters as members of our global family.”
+Please read – remember all the stuff I accomplished, I’m still his daughter, dammit! There was no ballroom ministry before me! And now there is! So fuck you all!

“I have always felt that the main goal of LLM is strengthening families by providing the tools to cope with real life issues in preparation for the Blessing and life after.”
+…we are having a hard time typing here because we are laughing so hard…

“Having experienced a traumatic process in the Blessing, I felt compelled to make sure that the mistakes of the past were not repeated in future couples and that families can learn to enjoy healthier and more satisfying relationships.”
+Wait a sec…does that mean your daddy-o was wrong?!

“I knew that the greatest strength of LLM was its message of love, empowerment and providing care and support for those in need. But I knew that the biggest weakness of LLM was my inability to embody a loving couple. Thus, I wanted to make as graceful an exit as possible transitioning into the next phase of my life after Foundation Day. That is why I feel so disheartened that in light of recent chain of events our True Father could not have a peaceful Seung Wha Ceremony.”
+Fortunately god really did finally get off his ass and called others to make sure that the exit from your reign of hypocrisy and evil was not graceful.

“True Mother has asked me to step down and I have done so willingly. I am truly sorry that the details of my personal life have hurt so many people. So much emotion has been expressed from love and support to hatred and condemnation. I accept them all and take full responsibility for the choices I have made concerning my life.”
+HOLYSHITHOLYSHITHOLYSHIT! She said something sincere! She’s going to take full responsibility for her actions (now that there is a birth certificate and lots of proof…otherwise…not so much)

“ No one at Headquarters took part in any cover up to “protect” my situation. No one was fired for unjust cause or to keep my situation hidden. My team has been nothing short of a miracle doing so much with so little. They are a great group of dedicated brothers and sisters who did their best and I am proud to have had an opportunity to serve with them.”
+WHAT!? We were doing so well there! She finally said one thing true and sincere…and now this?! Really?! She expects people to believe this?! Really?? Our parents knew about the affairs. If they knew, under no circumstances could the church hierarchy not have known. This is total rat shit. It is a pile of elephant dung loaded onto a truck and then dumped on the reader.

“For me the Blessing is the most important gift that True Parents brings. Therefore, I struggled with the failure of my marriage. I believe that marriage is forever provided that both parties uphold the values of the Blessing. Once it shatters, however, it is shattered for good. I decided long ago to err on the side of discretion for the sake of my children and have kept true to that commitment.”
+Translation – its all Jin Sung’s fault.

“When I was called to public service first at Manhattan Center and later at HSA, I was still in the process of putting my personal life in order. But believing that God had a plan for me, I focused on my professional responsibilities of protecting HSA from numerous takeover attempts, concentrating on building up the ministry and keeping the country united with True Parents and our International President Hyung Jin Moon.”
+…once again we are having a hard time typing we are laughing so hard…”numerous takeover attempts?” huh?! By who? She was protecting her fiefdom from her own dirty siblings. It was a power and money grab. Nothing about it on any side was altruistic.

“By the time Ben and I started working together, our first Blessings were over many years ago. “
+And yet there no divorce? In either case…? Hmm…something doesn’t quite add up here…

“And in realizing that both of us came from extremely abusive marriages, we found great comfort and solace in our friendship with each other.”
+And there it is, the Cunt-nim in all her lying, teeth-gnashing, avaricious, narcissistic glory. Folks, Ben was not in an abusive relationship. This is a complete fabrication. Maybe it helps someone as heartless and awful as in jin look herself in the mirror to think he was but it just aint so. Its complete fantasy.

“Now, we are in a committed relationship and we do have a beautiful baby boy. As a couple, we have pledged ourselves to God, True Parents and all of humanity. It was never our intention to hurt anyone. All we wanted was to love and to be loved. LLM was all about owning our destinies to love life gratefully as God’s eternal sons and daughters.”
+…once again we are having a hard time typing we are laughing so hard…pledged our adulterous relationship to god and true parents? Hahahaha. We just watched Syrian security forces kill a bunch of women and children. Maybe they should dedicate that to god and true parents and then it will be all right. Pahllleeese.
“We will forever be grateful to our True Parents and to our church community.”
+…for giving me lots and lots of money!

“I am so grateful for our True Mother’s wisdom in placing Hyung Jin Moon as the new president and CEO. I know that America will be blessed under his compassionate leadership. We have all been dealt a different set of cards and it is my prayer that we can become a loving community knowing that we are all trying our best. Thank you once again for the last four years and may God bless you and your families.”

In Jin Moon

+See ya.
+Wouldn’t want to be ya.
+We are out.

What is on the Moon?: Open Invitation for Hyun Jin 'Preston' Moon

Hahaha! This is awesome!


Hey Hyun Jin!

You are a gambling man, right? I have proposal for you. Don’t look at me with that mistrustful hang dog face. I am trying to help you, man. You need us ex-members. It was we members that made your father, Sun Myung Moon, great. You know that the Moons would be nothing without us.

____—— F B ——____

The Facebook algos must have a wry and ironic sense of humor. They keep suggesting we friend this guy…

- - the cromwell letter —

Well, now this is a damned good read. a DAMNED good read.



- = + - = + - = + = -

An open letter to In Jin Moon and the Unification Church

By Thomas Cromwell

September 13, 2012

Dear In Jin Moon,

On September 11 this year, as Americans paused to remember the shock and horror of the terror attacks 11 years ago, my son, Tossa, was fired by HSA-UWC. Until a few days ago, you led HSA, and the staff members there are still your loyal followers. Tossa’s firing was accompanied by threats of legal action should he disclose any information about you, your family or your staff. He has also been subjected to blackmail. HSA staffers have threated to reveal ‘personal issues’ that he had shared confidentially and which would be embarrassing if made public unless he leave HSA without saying what he knows about the wrongdoing of your administration.

Tossa has been through many months of internal struggle and anguish over your situation. He has been trained to put his faith in central figures and to look for God’s Will behind Unification Church situations that have all the hallmarks of corruption and abuse. I have heard tapes of you praising him for his devotion and commitment as a staff member. But that was before your behavior became so outrageous that Tossa could no longer stand it and told you directly that he could not agree with your immoral course of action. He was sent home for a month before being fired because your staff closed ranks around you and pilloried him for speaking the truth, instead of joining him in confronting you.

I would imagine quite a few people know that Tossa was fired because he spoke up about his concerns for you and what you were doing. Confronting you was very difficult to do, and brave of him. For someone like Tossa with deep faith in God, TP and the Divine Principle, to confront you as a child of TP over your behavior required enormous courage. His firing was payback, and it speaks volumes about you and the organization you have created to protect yourself rather than to carry out its providential purpose.

Many members know Tossa as a translator for Father. He has often spent whole days doing simultaneous translation from Father’s difficult Korean into English. He has also worked in your office to translate speeches and other UC documents, to help with the education of blessed children, and other tasks.

But that is not the Tossa that I know. To me, he is a beautiful son. His suffering now is hard for me to bear. I find myself weeping for him and for God. I am enraged. I feel like Jacob when Joseph was abused by his brothers. What can a father do? It is not that Tossa has lost a job. (I have often warned him that his devotion to the UC would never be reciprocated, and his pay kept him in virtual poverty anyway.) My sadness and anger are because evil and abusive leadership have once more risen to dominate an organization I served most of my adult life, and people that I care about and love have been deeply hurt.

Let me tell you a few things about the Tossa that I know. His birth in Amman, Jordan seemed something of a miracle to me, at that time a missionary and regional director for the Middle East struggling endlessly to build a foundation for TP in the land of the Patriarchs, of Moses and Jesus. No father could want a better son. Of course he is not perfect, but he was obedient and good. As my missions evolved, he moved with us from Jordan to Cyprus and then Greece. He learned Greek during our first summer in Athens, at age 7. At 10, he came with me to a regional Principle workshop on a mountain in Turkey, where he presented the parallels of history.

At home he always cared for his younger siblings, first Anmar, born in Cyprus, then Alexander and Harmony, born in Athens. He cared for others too, especially children less fortunate than he in being able to learn at school. At 12 I took him to Korea to join the GOP program, designed to help Western BCs learn Korean. I remember sitting on the stairs of the GOP dorm before having to leave him there. I told him if he stayed in the top three of his GOP class that I thought it would be worth my effort to continue supporting him there. He never forgot, and never gave me a reason to bring him home. He finished High School in Korea and went to Sun Moon University.

But he has always been sensitive: caring for others has been an expression of his sensitive heart. (Anyone who has witnessed his infinite patience with his children, including a son with serious disabilities, will know what I mean.) Korean school kids can be mean and bullying, and Tossa always hated that. His treatment by Korean students at SM University became too much for him, so he came to live with me in the US. Later, work with the UC took him back to Korea where he tried to fit in with the Korean UC HQ staff. Eventually, he could not continue there either due to a culture obsessed with position rather than caring and love. He returned to the US, greatly discouraged. Then he went to work for you, In Jin, hopeful at the time that this would finally prove an environment in which TP and the Principle were actually the model and guiding light for work and relationships.

Tossa would never write a public letter like this to you. He is too humble and self-deprecating. He has also been your employee and a faithful UC member. I have no such constraints. You don’t know me, but I can tell you I don’t spend my time in basements writing anonymous blogs critical of the Unification Church. I was born into a strict Bruderhof Community, in England. I had my first encounter with God at age 13, and from that time committed myself to seeking His will for my life. I joined the UC in Washington, DC, in 1969, at age 21. After just a couple of months I moved to New Haven to pioneer the first center in New England. After the first speaking tour by TF, I was sent as a state pioneer to Oklahoma. In 1975 I was one of the 120 US missionaries sent out to the world. I went to Egypt, my first choice when asked. I studied Arabic and Islam, and started a language institute. I was deported twice and imprisoned once. In December 1979 I was appointed the first regional director of the Middle East, and soon after made Cyprus my base. In 1992, I was appointed first continental director for the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to leading the church in that difficult region (some 21 countries), I was founding publisher and editor of the Middle East Times (owned by News World Communications), I organized regional academic conferences for PWPA in the Middle East and for East-West European dialogue in the last years of the Cold War, organized inter-faith conferences with IRF-offshoot organizations, and carried out countless other missions in the region.

In 1999 I resigned my Unification Church responsibilities. I could not go on. What I was preaching and telling others about the Unification path had become too far removed from the reality of an organization riddled with corruption and dishonesty. I also could no longer present myself and my family as a model of what we believed. I came to believe that by staying active in the UC I would actually be contributing to the damage being done to TP’s rightful legacy.

In 2000 Mr. Joo fired me as publisher and editor of the Middle East Times, after 18 years of service. I had opposed the purchase of UPI (after conducting due diligence on its London operation for Mr. Joo) on the basis that I thought it was unjustified to ask members to contribute more money to a venture with such uncertain objectives and of such uncertain value to the providence. Mr. Joo offered to put me in charge of the UPI operation in London, and to combine that with the Middle East Times. It was tempting, but how could I accept a post to run an operation that I had advised against purchasing? Mr. Joo tried blackmail. He told me if I did not accept the UPI job, he would fire me from the Middle East Times. I refused to take the job, and he did fire me, ending all my formal ties with the UC and its projects.

I write all of this because I want you to know that I did not give the best 30 years of my life to an organization that would be run by a leadership as corrupt as yours. And I did not raise my children to live for God and TP so that they could be abused by self-centered and carnal UC leaders, as you and your staff have proved to be.

UC foreign missionaries typically had the benefit of living far from the center of action with its inevitable politics. Occasionally we would come to conferences and training seminars, and we would see changes taking place in the UC, good and bad. For me, my personal relationship with Father was deepened by living and working in very challenging circumstances, and often alone. I had had some difficulty connecting to him when I worked in the US, but I came to understand him better as my own mission overseas unfolded. My personal relationship with him was cemented in a jail cell in Cairo.

But I never understood you children of TP. You were so distant; elevated on pedestals. Sometimes I would hear how difficult your lives had been. That was hard to believe, but I tried. (After all, the lives of Moses and the people of God in the wilderness, of the tribes in Babylon, of Jesus and the early Christians in the Roman Empire, of the Jews in Nazi Germany, of the Cambodians under Pol Pot, of the Russians under Stalin, of Arabs under dictators… those were difficult lives.)

The truth as I see it today is that some of you children of TP, who have received blessings above all others in history, are in fact the most trenchant problem facing the future of the Unification Church. You should be the central people cementing the legacy of TP, but all I see from you is the selfishness and bickering of spoiled brats. You fight over UC assets as if you created them or as if they belonged to you or your family. You spend millions of precious dollars donated by members to fight your legal battles against one another. I had a front row seat as Hyun Jin systematically dismantled The Washington Times simply to spite his siblings and gain leverage for his own ambitions, and despite his knowing the great love and personal investment TP had made to build up that newspaper over decades. I see derisive, often petty, letters go back and forth from one sibling camp to another. It’s truly nauseating.

We are told of the evil Kwak group, as if Hyun Jin was a victim of the diabolical machinations of that once central disciple. But, no, Kwak is not the central problem. Hyun Jin is. Kwak was my central figure for some 20 years. It is clear to me that in the end he was seduced by the lure of wealth and financial security to go against TP. He had bet on Hyun Jin when that son was anointed the fourth Adam. He could not accept the change of providence. He is like your staff members, who now depend on salaries from HSA-UWC. Because of their lack of character and understanding, they go along with your perversion of the Principle and TP’s traditions. They are your enablers, as Kwak is the chief enabler of Hyun Jin.

The arrogance you display is sickening. Do you really think members are so dumb and ignorant of the truth to accept your weird polygamy as a new standard for Unificationism? Do you really think you can continue indefinitely to preach a life of living the Principle while hiding your life of adultery and deception?

The first priesthood God created was that of the Levite Aaron and his four sons. God instructed Moses in how to guide Aaron’s family in these serious responsibilities. Mistakes were to be punished by death, and were. When two of Aaron’s four sons lit incense without permission they were immediately killed by God. Through Moses, God pounded the law into the “stiff-necked” Israelites. Its main tenets are repeated in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, and were repeated again and again by other prophets and patriarchs in the centuries that followed. It is a blunt law. Sins of murder, adultery and homosexual relations are punishable by death. So too are violations of the Sabbath, and a host of other specific infractions of the law. God provided for the Levites through tithes made by members of the other tribes, and when the Israelites entered Canaan the Levites were given 48 cities to reside in but were not given a portion of the land to occupy. (Ephraim and Manassah, the sons of Joseph, were treated as separate tribes and each got land to occupy, bringing the total number of tribal territories to 12.) Meanwhile, the lineage of the messiah ran through the generations of Judah.

Jesus was of Judah, but as Hebrews explains, he was also of the order of Melchizedek. That is, although he was not a Levite, he was chosen by God to teach and save the people. His moral teaching went far beyond the Mosaic Law. He of course condemned sexual immorality, but he went further, warning that adultery of the heart was a sin. He stressed circumcision of the heart, even as Moses had taught the Israelites. TheLevitical class at the time of Jesus did not grasp, or want to obey, this law, as evidenced by their rejection of Jesus.

Paul also stressed the importance of purity to the early Christians. In fact he contradicted the Levites when he preached fervently that anyone who was circumcised in heart could be saved by Christ, whether Jew or Gentile. And he warned the new churches which he founded and nurtured that they should put out of their midst those with uncircumcised hearts who practiced idolatry, sexual immorality and other perversions of the Gospel.

The Unification standard is higher yet. It demands that we not only create within ourselves an uncircumcised heart, but that we cultivate a heart in the image of God’s own infinite heart of love. We are not complete simply by avoiding sin, but only through fulfilling our potential as children of God.

I don’t see this message in your behavior. You are blessed to be in the lineage of TP, but you have not qualified as a priest of the order of Melchizedek. This is because you have not treated your position of leadership as a sacred trust and responsibility, but rather as a birthright. It seems most of your siblings are in the same situation. We all sin, although we were taught that the true children would be sinless. To keep our hearts pure, we have to repent and change. It seems to me that you are unaware of your sin, and your enablers are complicit in maintaining that status quo by failing to challenge you. Instead they join you in the pretense that what you are doing is fine in the sight of God and TP. I don’t think I have ever heard one of you children repenting and asking for forgiveness from God and a membership that you have so often misused and abused. This is why God cannot use you for ultimate good, and for the growth of his church. It is why, too, you are ruining the Unification Church and the legacy of your parents.

It is not for me to judge your personal life, except as it intrudes on your mission as a UC leader, a role model for members, and someone with the power to hurt others, including my son. You should never have accepted the position you hold now, given the confusion in your personal life. And you certainly should have resigned as soon as you realized that your extra-marital affair would produce a child. You may believe that you have a perfectly valid basis for what you have done, but I can’t imagine any reasonable and moral person, let alone any true follower of TP and the Principle, accepting your behavior as consistent with the responsibilities of a UC leader.

I believe it is not entirely coincidental that this situation has blown up just as Father has ended his course on earth. I believe he will be able to do more in the spirit world. Clearly the state of his family was not improving despite all his prayers and efforts. If the central family is divided and corrupt, how will the providence ever advance? Yes, it is that serious.

This crisis has demonstrated that there is no robust, clear, circumcised and unified UC leadership. While an official memo went out announcing your resignation, ‘for health reasons’, unofficial communications explained the truth. What are members in Africa, Asia and Latin America, let alone in the US and America, to believe? Where is the guidance that all members deserve at a time like this?

Again, In Jin, the problem is you. Because you have not repented or apologized, because you have directed your staff to punish those who exposed your sin instead of telling the truth about it, because you and they have spun a webs of lies designed to confuse members about your sin in the name of some Oprahesque theory of love, you will now be responsible for the loss of faith by many good and faithful people, and especially young members trying to find their way in a confusing world of false idols and sin, members who looked up to you as their role model.

I don’t know the members who work with you. But they too have failed the rest of the membership and the institution of the UC itself. How can they stand before a congregation when they have been complicit in your unprincipled duplicity? How can they provide credible advice and guidance to members? How can they claim authority to represent God, TP and the Principle?

I don’t think I am alone among members and others who have dedicated long years to the UC cause who are now shocked and disgusted by what they witness. They too are concerned with the future for the children they raised in the faith and whose spiritual lives are at risk. Many have turned their backs on the UC because of the mismanagement, corruption and outright evil committed by its leaders.

Enough is enough. It is time for you and your errant siblings, along with your enablers and other unclean UC leaders, to step back and listen to the real word of God that can only come through the mouths of those circumcised in heart whom He chooses to be his messengers and representatives. Perhaps the most recently anointed son can save your family and the church. I don’t know. Judah was chosen by God, but when it failed to listen to His commandments, when it persisted in idolatry and corruption despite the warnings of the prophets, it was completely destroyed, as was the temple in Jerusalem. Times have changed but I believe if you do not step aside and allow the UC to be renewed and rebuilt as the real embodiment of God, TP and the Principle, it too will be destroyed and God will find other means, other institutions and other people to represent Him on earth.

May God’s Will be done.

Thomas Cromwell

satoesakuma said: Please stop. I don't know your reasons behind your hatred, but let people think what they want. It's really not your place to go into other people's lives and blog about it. Blog about your own life.

ooooh but we do…dont you see that? dont u see thats the point of all this?
we dont give a shit about the moons.
we give a shit about us, our families, our friends.
and as long as there is an evil force that is taking their livelihood, taking their minds, taking their humanity, taking their ability to think for themselves, taking, taking, taking, taking…how could we possibly look ourselves in the mirror having done nothing to help?

we’ver heard it said that evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

its true.
we’ve seen it many many many times.

sometimes we were the ones who did nothing, because we were scared.
those are the moments we regret so much.
we dont want to repeat them…

+++sweet vindication+++

What a lovely September it’s been.

First El Padre, the king of kings, self-proclaimed spiritual superman, the standard of excellence in all things for all eternity, died. And despite the wailing and fist pumping of thousands of impoverished idiots at his gaudy spectacle of a funeral, did not come back after three days. We were breathing a sigh of relief when suddenly In Jin Moon’s surgically enhanced butt went from the high chair of prestige and church power into the frying pan of scandal, dishonor and disgrace. Two Moons in one month! And to top it off, the weather has been absolutely fantastic!

So to all those who took time out of their busy days to send us hateful emails, accuse us of fraud, demonic possession, hate mongering, being communists, working for the Kwaks, working for Kook-jin, working for Al Queda and on and on, who told us to get a life, to live and let live, to worry about our own problems, to bend over and take it like a good moonie, we’d like to say the following:

Nyaa nyaa ny nyaa nyaaaa – we were right, you were wrong - nyaa nyaa ny nyaa nyaa.

Hubba hubba! that Ben Lorentzen is a hunk! Look at that erect arian frame, that chizled jaw, that beatiful hair. OMG! The voice of an angel! And look how he scrunches up his face in the middle of the song to show how deeply he feels those lyrics! We just creamed our pants.

No wonder In Jin Moon cant keep her catty paws of his muscular body. Wowie, wowie!

Question is…what does he see in her?! Nothing about her is real, from her fake english accent to her surgically enhanced boobs, butt and perma-eyeshadow. Maybe he has a thing for rich older women…


Here is the birth certificate of Erik Auston Shin-Jin Lorentzen, son of Ben Hugo Lorentzen of Finnsnes, Norway and Tia Lorentzen of Yong-San-Gu, South Korea (with the surname of Han at birth). 

Here is a note from a dear friend who sent this:

In Jin moon, Tatiana Park, and now Tia Lorentzen… same date and place of birth.

The document is official, from the office. No point saying it’s forged.

Not only does it prove that IJM has been having a sexual affair for the past 3 years while being still married but she also has a baby now with her boyfriend.

All the ones who have known about the affair for a while do not need this official paper to believe the fact.

Others might not be that interested in her sex life outside her marriage anyway, which is fine.

Not mentioning the ones in denial who keep rejecting any kind of truth.

But facts must be shown especially when it’s hidden. People can think whatever they want from then on.

Giving sermons about family values while having an affair with one of her employees doesn’t give her much credibility as a public person even less a pastor.

Using the pulpit to either brag about herself , belittle her husband, criticize her brother, and whoever she has issues with instead of uplifting the crowd with meaningful sermons is not the way to inspire people on a Sunday service neither the purpose.

Ruling the movement by imposing everybody in America to listen to her sermons or by firing anyone who would have different ideas is abuse of power.

Having leaders cover for her is outrageous.

So here is the document. You can deny it, doubt it, question it, whatever, it’s out there.



Even we were a little dubious on this one…the bitch is 47 afterall and having a kid is a bit tough to hide from the church hierarchy…

speaking of which…wonder how they plan to spin this…questions indeed…


Any bets?

Its almost midnight in the motherland of the kooks…

If it does happen, we vote that the subsequent holiday be called “Mooster” - a combo of moon and Easter!